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Solo Works 'Microseries II. Series' for solo Viola(1993)

5 Minutes / Commissioned by the IXION Ensemble and premiered in Purcell Room in London in 1993.

  • 조회 수 9559

Solo Works 'Microseries I. Pause' for Piano(1993)

7 Minutes / Premiered at Purcell Room in London in 1993 by Jiun Yoong Lim

  • 조회 수 9138

Chamber Music 'Micropolyphony' for Windquintet(1993)

15 Minutes / Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music and Premiered by the RAM Wind Players in 1993

  • 조회 수 8482

Solo Works 'Change' for solo Clarinet(1993)

11 Minutes / Commissioned by the RAM Prize Winners' Concert and premiered at Purcell Room in London in 1993.

  • 조회 수 9158

Solo Works 'Expression' for solo Violoncello(1993)

12 Minutes / Commissioned by the Japanese Artist Hiroko Imada and premiered by Zoe Martlew at her recital in Conway Hall, London in 1993. 이 곡은 일본인 화가 히로꼬 이마다(Hiroko Imada)의 위촉으로 1993년 그의 런던 전시회를 위해 쓰여진 ...

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Orchestral Music 'Melody-Harmony' for Orchestra(1993)

10 Minutes / 3 winds / Commissioned by the RAM Da Capo Festival 1993 and Premiered by the RAM Symphony Orrchestra in London 1993

  • 조회 수 7682

Music for Large Ensemble 'Analogy' for Solo Oboe and Ensemble(1992)

8 Minutes / Solo Oboe, Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Sop. Saxophone, Trumpet, 2 Trombones, 2 Violins, 2 Percussionists / World Premiere at Gaudeamus International Music Week 1992 in Amsterdam.

  • 조회 수 7809

Chamber Music 'Space' for Flute, Clarinet and Piano(1990)

7 minutes / World Premiere at CMSS(Contemporary Music Society in Seoul) Competition for composers in National Theatre of Korea in 1990 YouTube Link :

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Chamber Music 'Maek' for String Quartet(1989)

20 minutes / 4 Movements / World Premiere at Pan Music Festival in 1989 in Seoul Arts Centre

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