List of Articles
제목 조회 수
Solo Works Psalmody for violoncello(2016) 1818
Vocal and Chorale Music Psalm Cantata for mixed choir and orchestra(2015-6) 2973
Chamber Music <Landscape> for 2 violins and viola(2015) 4664
Solo Works 'Psalm of nature' for solo violin(2014) 4484
Chamber Music Quartet for Piano and Strings <Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus>(2005/2014) 9031
Chamber Music <Lament - The Daughter of Zion> for flute and piano(2013/14) 9792
Solo Works Chorale Fantasy for piano No. 2 'The Collar'(2013) 11373
Chamber Music Psalm Sonata for violin and piano(2011/2013) 11157
Chamber Music 'Lament' for clarinet and string quartet(2011) 13728
Orchestral Music Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra(2009/2010) 8525
Solo Works 'Alleluia' for piano(2010) 11274
Chamber Music Windquintet No. 3(2010) 10970
Vocal and Chorale Music Symphonic Poem 'Baekje' for Soprano, Tenor, Choir and Orchestra(2009/2010) 10336
Chamber Music In the garden of the LORD' for Clarinet and Piano(2009) 11419
Music for Large Ensemble 'Fantasy on a theme of Haydn' for Strings(2009) 6968
Solo Works 'The Screwtape Letters' for piano(2007/2009) file 10626
Chamber Music 'Fantasy on a theme of J.S. Bach' for violin, clarinet, violoncello and piano(2008) 11428
Solo Works Chorale Fantasy No. 1 'Comfort, comfort my people' for piano(2007/2009) 11787
Chamber Music 'Homage to J.Kim' for Clarinet and Piano(2007) 11425
Chamber Music Windquintet No. 2 'Homage to Thomas' (2006) 11419