Pot'ae-p'yong in 1997 for ensemble(1997)

Ensemble TIMF

3,4 March 1997

Zarya Culture Center, Samara, Russia


Concertmaster Ho Jin Jeong

Isang Yun : Piri (1971)
Ob. Min Kyung Chun

Tan Dun : 8 Colors for String Quartet,
No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 (1986)
Vn.1 Ho Jin Jeong, Vn.2 Na Yeon Lee, Va. Jin Ah Im, Vc. Jooeun Oh

Isang Yun : 3 Songs
(A Swing / A Letter / Gopung Uisang)
Sop. Hyewook Joung, Fl. Joo Won Kim, Vn.1 Ho Jin Jeong,
Vn.2 Na Yeon Lee, Va. Jin Ah Im, Vc. Jooeun Oh

Shinuh Lee : 'Pot'ae-p'yong in 1997 (1997)
Cond. Ho Jin Jeong, Akjang. Daeyoun Kim, Fl. Joo Won Kim,
Ob. Min Kyung Chun, Trp. Jae Chang Sung,
Vn. Na Yeon Lee, Va. Jin Ah Im, Vc. Jooeun Oh

Jisoo Lee : Arariyo (2015)
Sop. Hyewook Joung, Fl. Joo Won Kim, Vn.1 Ho Jin Jeong,
Vn.2 Na Yeon Lee, Va. Jin Ah Im, Vc. Jooeun Oh
Ensemble TIMF


Ensemble TIMF
Ensemble TIMF was founded in 2001 with the goal of incepting a major
performance ensemble as a key representative of Korea and an ambassador
of the Tongyeong International Music Festival. It has been engaged in
intense activities in and outside of Korea and comprised of excellent young
musicians. Its first performance began with the 'D-100 Concert of TIMF
2002'. Since then, it has continuously expanded the range of repertoires and
performances to date and established itself as a professional ensemble. With
a variety of programs and high-quality performances, it gives fruitful and
satisfactory pleasures to audiences of classic and contemporary music.
The ensemble's intense activities reach markets not only in Korea but also in
foreign countries, and their excellence has been recognized internationally.
They have performed in European concert stages, such as the Bacau
Contemporary Music Festival in Romania in 2003, the Darmstadt
International Contemporary Music Festival, the Warsaw Autumn Festival,
the Arko Art Fair in Spain, the Venice Biennale, KlaraFestival in Belgium..
After the successful collaboration with GRAME in Lyon 2013, IRCAM in
2014 and it was invited from Sinfonieorchester Basel in March 2015, and they
performed another wonderful concerts in Bratislava and Paris in November
of 2015.
Ensemble TIMF's expansion of the performance fields will continue.
With its freshly creative project planning and its wide range of repertoires
from the classical to contemporary periods, it will continue to advance as
one of the leading ensembles for the future of Korean music.
Conductor, Violin : Ho Jin Jeong
Soprano : Hyewook Joung
Akjang : Daeyoun Kim
Flute : Joo Won Kim
Oboe : Min Kyung Chun
Trumpet : Jae Chang Sung,
Violin : Na Yeon Lee
Viola : Jin Ah Im
Violincello : Jooeun Oh

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